I'd love to separately thank each one of the following:

Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers and Nicko McBrain, Rod Smallwood, all the guys and girls on Iron Maiden the Greek FC, Maria, Ilias, Lefteris, Giorgos, Giorgos, Aris, Dimitris, Dimitris and everybody I might forget, Paul DiAnno for everything especially those two fantastic international road trips, Lea Hart, Cliff Evans, Elias Aravidis, Sorrowful Angels, the incredible Dennis Stratton for everything, Blaze Bayley, John Slater, Steve Wray, Jeff Singer, Nikos and Stella, The Clairvoyants, Eddie's and Marco Gamba, Jason Kasioptas, Iron Maiden Bulgaria and Nikolas Petras, Maiden Austria United, Thomas Zwijsen, Maidenance for all the wonderful nights, Giorgo DJ Letso, Stjepan Juras and Maiden Croatia, The Raven Age, Jason Hayward, Robert Stivicic, Antoine Havard Denis and Maiden France, Maria and Iron Maiden Romania and of course my precious Eddie the Beast, George Jr. and my wonderful wife.

Up the Irons!